Visited my future flight school yesterday!

Yesterday, I visited Eagle 1 Aviation at the Greene County Ariport (KWAY). They are going to instruct me on my private pilot and then I am going to transfer to ATP. I got lucky, cause the instructor I have (Joe Zieglar) went to ATP and is going to tweek my lessons so they will closely resemble those at ATP. So, as soon as things come together and I can save up enough for a medical examination and then wait to be approved by FAA, and then get the financial situation going, I can start training. I am extremely happy
. Can't wait to get started
Congrats man, you'll enjoy it. I was very impressed with ATP and it came down between them and FSI. I chose FSI in the end but I feel that I would have done fine either way. I just finished my multi commercial today. When things start getting frustating and seem overwhelming don't forget to remind yourself that flying is great fun and you are living out a dream. Many people never get close to achieving that sort of satisfaction in life. Best of luck to you!