Virginia Tech!!!


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Anyone watch that game last night....I have to rant because they jsut confirmed what everyone has been saying.....overrated. Thank god they are going to the ACC, so they can get crushed earlier on in the season and wont have to get everyones hopes up.....just my .02. The news reported 60 fires in morgantown last night......ill never understand the logic behind that....we won so lets riot the place...hmmm.
Well as someone who has been in Morgantown for a few games I can tell you how it happens. The game starts at 730PM. At about 9 or 10 that morning, tents get set up in the hospital parking lot across from the stadium. Once the tents are up, beer starts being consumed. Figure about 8 hours of drinking before game time. Then the team goes and wins. (Oh yeah there is a bit of drinking from illegal flasks in the game too) Now they win, fans are crazy. Get back home. Everyone is still drinking. Someone sees the couch sitting on the front porch. (Don’t ask me why there are couches on the porch...there just are) So they see the couch and decide this would be really cool to have a fire on a cold night like tonight. Lets burn it! Then they either light it in the yard and the fire spreads or they get lucky and it burns out.

There really is no mentality to speak of. I'd imagine that not one of the people who lit fires was sober enough to have a "mentality."

In any case, that was just plain awesome watching WVU dominate VT. VT is over-rated but I think WVU is not given the respect they deserve. They came awfully close to beating Miami in Miami. Hell as a FSU fan, I'll admit it. They played Miami a lot tougher than FSU did.
Someone sees the couch sitting on the front porch. (Don’t ask me why there are couches on the porch...there just are)

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You crack me up, Shooter!!!

Well, FWIW - My wife hails from West-By-God-Virginia and this morning when I told her about the "goin's on" up that way, she said...... "Hell yeah!!!"

Hey - you can take the girl outta WV, but you can't take the WV outta the girl.
Or her Dad/uncle.....

I sure hope my wife doesn't decide to read this....What part of WBG is she from?

My wife is from Martisburg/berg???

We are going up there Thanksgiving weekend for a football game. I can't wait. I have a lot more fun at the WVU games than the FSU games. I get stressed at the FSU games because they have a chance every year. At WVU, I know they aren't going anywhere so it is just fun. (Hell we even celebrate first downs at WVU because points are hard to come by and we take what we can get.)

I love it!

There used to be a hockey team from Macon Ga called the Whoopie!

The Macon Whoopie!!!

I could never tell if I was at a hockey game or at the newlywed show with all the people cheering.
A few years ago, I went to a University of South Florida football game.

They were playing Moorehead State.

I kid you not that the cheerleaders were leading the fans in a cheer that went....

"Moore-head! Moore-head! Moore-head!!"

I laughed the entire game.
I went to WVU one fall when i played rugby for a tournement. After the games they had a HUGE party...probably over 80 kegs and a beer truck with taps on teh side. The house was a hillside, and needless to say it wasnt long before the empty kegs were tumbling down the hill...several smashed through fences......pretty classic to watch.
Oh well time to start thinking rebuilding for next year! Heck I was thinking that half way through the 2nd Qtr. That was a painful night!
It was great to see VT go down. It happens every year. They win early and big over teams like JMU and Rutgers (let's not mention UCF, Connecticut, and 2-4 TX A&M). Everyone in the national media gets really excited and inflates their ranking and WHHHAAAAMMMM!! Someone comes along and beats the castrated turkeys exposing their pipe dream. Last year it was Pitt and Syracuse. This year it will be WVU, Pitt, and hopefully Virginia (although I'll be the first to admitt they've had our number for a few years). They had a good team in '99 but even then FSU put them to bed easily in the 4th quarter. I was there Hokies, it wasn't that close! I'm looking forward to watching the ACC put the VT "glory years" behind them!
I live close to Morgantown, just over the border in PA. It is true about how they just up and burn things. The official report is that there were over 60 fires after the game last night in streets and in yards
. They ranged anywhere from a bunch of junk piled on the street to a whole livingroom suite. My cousin's rich friend went to WVU, and at some of the parties she would go to, the real party animals would just go next door to the vacant houses, break in, and throw stuff off the balcony into the yard and burn it. Couches, chairs, televisions, mattresses, it didn't matter, as long as it burned. Once she even saw them tear a whole porch/deck off of a house and burn it in the yard. Needless to say that since her friend was rich, and it was a college/party town, he always got off since his parents could pay for it
Hmm... dunno how I missed this thread. I've been a happy WVU student for 4 years now. (so much for the whole best 5 or 6 or 7 years of your life.) Let me just say, it was a hell of a game. The whole thing with the after game problems... well, it was certainly an experience. Mace sucks. Fires are cool. Did I meantion that mace sucks? Anyhow, props to VTech for taking out Miami this weekend. Talk about overrated teams. Sorry, this is sort of rambling and has nothing to do with airplanes. Trying to get a paper done will do that to you. Anyhow There ya go.

Lets go 'Eers!