Video tribute to the crew of 3407

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That was incredibly beautiful and so, so sad. :(

All 5 crewmembers were very well liked and brightened any room AND Q400 they entered...

I know the guy that created this video personally. He apparently was very close to Becky. I think this is an excellent tribute to everyone lost in this accident. My thoughts are prayers continue to be with all my Colgan brothers and sisters as well as the families and victims of this horrible accident.

Mark, if you or anyone else needs anything from XJTALPA, let me know. I'm heading up the P2P Committee now. We're always willing to help!
Very moving and way sad, I didn't know any of them but the video brings them closer than a name to see their faces. RIP in peace all of the victims of 3407.
It's really sad to put a face to the voice on the ATC tapes.

And just seeing all the friends and family, knowing they'll never get to enjoy their company again...