Video tour problems


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Has anyone else been able to view the video tour on the FS website? I've got a cable connection that smokes, and I know that isn't the problem. I can view "other" video materials on the web.
I can't view it either...Takes too long to download. The only access I have to broadband is my wife's workplace and the library. There's no sound in the library, though....

I can view it fine over a DSL connection at home. At work I cannot view the video; I suspect the router is set to block streaming video. Do you see the Windows Media logo in the video area when you start the video?
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Do you see the Windows Media logo in the video area when you start the video?

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Nope. I get a small window that doesn't show any connecting or buffering signs. Oh well...
Does Windows media player work on your machine? Ever try internet radio (as a test)? You might consider downloading the new media player, mainly to reassociate the streaming video file type with Windows Media Player. if you don't see the logo, there is no association between the two and it is easier to just reinstall Windows Media Player.

You mean the library's computers suck?!! Come on...This is FlightSafety. We pay $60,000 for a CIME and no sound on the computers. At least they are faster than my Apple II-E that requires a 5 1/4" floppy disk to boot. I hear the new Pentium I 233 MHz computers are on the way.
They need to get in touch with some local corporations. My company (that I worked for pre-FSI) used to give away our old stuff including PC's, routers, servers, etc.... and they weren't that old. And since FSI qualifies as a school, the corporation could use the donation as a tax write-off.
I never said "suck"...I only said there is not sound. Are they a bit old? Yes. Do they need upgrading? Yes. I'd rather have them hire an extra guy or two rather than spending the $$ on computers, if it came down to it!

Sorry Chunk. Didn't mean to put words in your mouth. And yes, I agree with you on hiring some people. 56 on the waiting list. I guess I can expect a Stan Class Date in 2004.