Video Interview??


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Just curious if anyone has experience doing a video interview as part of the evaluation process.

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the program I will use is called HireVue, I was just curious as to what I can expect. For example if I get one shot at the answser, how much time do I have to think about a response, that type stuff. thanks for the reply
Hmmm I think you might be talking about something different than I am. When you say video interview I thought you meant basically a video call interview. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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it ended up being a recorded video interview. After checking that my webcam and mic were compatible, the interview started. Basically, there is a question in text, you have 30 seconds to think of a response before the recording starts and you give your answer, which must be less than 3 minutes. It ended up being pretty easy, I can see how it would be a very useful tool for employers but nothing beats a handshake.