VFR into STL (or any Class B)


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I am looking to fly into STL VFR on a Sunday afternoon and was looking for anyone who has done this to share their experiences. I will be flying with another PPL and we will be dividing the workload. Any words of advice specific to STL or to any Class B. Will departing VFR be a hassle for us, etc?
I've done VFR to LAX. Great learning experience for me.

Do your best to 'fit in' but don't let anyone push you around when safety could be compromised (..duh!). If you can 'only' maintain 100 on final, so be it... but don't tell them 120 only to fly 100. You can also say you'll maintain 120 until x mile(s) out. The runways are loooong, you can use this to your advantage. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways: WAKE TURBULENCE! and JET BLAST! Keep your distance both in the air and on the ground; the stuff can literally kill you.

As always, know and study the taxi diagram prior to departing, and have it ready on arrivial. Remember VFR in B is 3 and clear, you'll probably get vectored around a bit.

It's just like everywhere else: keep your cool and use your head and you'll be fine
What do you do when you go see your busy doctor or dentist? You call ahead.

Call St Louis Tower or TRACON on the phone. Tell them your plans. Ask them about times that would be better than others and approach directions that would be better than others. They might even give you a arrival window so that they can expect you.
I don't know about other places, but when I fly into DIA and Las Vegas VFR or I know that I will be passing through Class C or B airspace, I always pick up VFR flight following. ATC will hand you off to the right people and they are expecting you.

I agree with the previous poster, stay within your limits. I flew into Billings and they asked me to keep up my best possible speed until short final because there was a citation following me, I felt comfortable enough to keep it "balls to the wall" and had a great time slowing down and making a not to shabby landing. If at anytime I would have felt I was pushing my limits I would have informed the tower and offered to go around at pattern altitude if that would have helped.
Safety First, I was flying into Fort Myers the other day and there was a Falcon behind me on final. The tower was real pushy and wanted me to fly a fast final. I had no problem with that, but when he wanted me to hit the brakes and turn off the runway, I ended up blowing a tire. It was definately my fault, a lesson learned. Was safety compromised, not really. Next time I will definately speak up though. If the controllers mess up the spacing, then it is their fault and somebody might need to do a go around. If it is an uncomfortable situation, Speak Up. Don't let yourself be pushed around. You have just as much right to be there as the big guys.