VFR clearances


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I read in the latest issue of AOPA flight training magazine (June 2003, page 22 first paragraph)

"If the airport from which you are flying has a seperate clearance delivery frequency-primarily larger airports with their own Class B or Class C airspace-ATC expects that you have received a clearance from the clearance delivery controller before you call ground control for taxi instructions. Clearances are required even for VFR aircraft"

Just for fun:

Does anyone know where this is documented in the regs or AIM? It seems that some Class C airports expect you to call ground and some expect clearance delivery...so any clarification would be appreciated...
if the airport is using Clnc, Gnd will tell you, (so will the ATIS usually) Gnd and Clnc, often are the same guy...
Thats what I have often found, it was just the part of ATC expecting you to contact clearance before ground. I have not been able to document this anywhere.
Yeah at all the class Charlie and Bravo airports I have flown out of have a frequency for clearance, whom you are expected to contact before ground. At some airports it is on the ATIS some it is not.
Usually the ATIS will say so. If not, it's probably somewhere in the Pilot's Guide or some kind of VFR airport info. If I wasn't sure I'd just call clearance anyways (or flie IFR hahaha

In the class D at LGB in Socal they expect you to call clearance with your runway request and location. I have NO clue why.... the best I can come up with is that it is some kind of ego thing for this one *high strung* controller up there... probably wants a Class C but can't so he does the next best thing...