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Dr Forred,
I was sent to you from the AOPA forum and appreciate any input you might have. Am seeking 3rd class for very first medical-all my info has been submitted to FAA but I have not heard back yet. I am expecting a denial but looking for opinions as to my chances for a 3rd either now or ever if I am denied. 47 year old farmer, no symptoms, no medicine, no family history, very active, athlete all my life, work out frequently. Only explanation I would have for reduced EF would be that as a young child I got very high fever two or three times- to 105. Played college football and ran triathlons within last 10 years-never any probs. All the heart tests resulted from slightly abnormal physical at Mayo in 2004. Here is an exerpt from the summary letter from my cardiologist to the FAA:
The tomographic images revealed a very minimal reversible perfusion defect confined to the mid and basal inferior wall. The global ejection fraction, however, was well preserved at 59%. It is noteworthy that this region of the left ventricle often yields falsely positive defects secondary to diaphragmatic attenuation…in conclusion; this patient has had a thorough cardiac evaluation including diagnostic cardiac catherization. The patient has no symptoms referable to the cardiovascular system. The only minor abnormality is borderline global ejection fraction in the range of 45-50%. I believe the defect on the current Nuclear Study is most consistent with diaphragmatic attenuation, especially when correlated with his previous cardiac catherization findings. No malignant arrhythmias were detected at any time.”

I do not think they asked for or were sent the cath details (whatever that might be) - I think we just sent them the summary report from it.
Have great desire to fly and will do another cath if necessary.
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1. I originally submitted app. in early May. They responded with a request for more info. I got an extension to get it all from the doctor and then submitted all that about two weeks ago.
2. I had an EKG and halter test done very recently. Actually they didn't ask for the halter, but I anticipated that they'd need it and ran it - it looked good. I had a nuclear test done in Feb of 2008. My doctor looked me over and wrote the summary letter to the FAA about two or three weeks ago.

Even though my doctor says he was at one time a flight surgeon, if I had to do it all over again I would go straight to somebody who deals with this every day.

Thanks, JBM