Vero Beach employment


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assuming there is this huge wait list of CFIs down there,..what is there to do for money to pay the rent in Vero Beach? Tourism jobs, resturant, or what?? Anybody with any input on making ends meet in Vero while waiting for aviation doors to open? Those loan payments kick in real soon after you graduate and they are nothing to laugh at either! Thanks for any advice, stories, etc.
Well, there are restaurant jobs for sure...Basically there are lots of low paying jobs around, I've got one of them!! I'm not so sure though if I'm going to sit around waiting for "aviation doors to open." I can't get real specific about what jobs are available but most retail stores are usually hiring.
After I got on the wait list I did the smart thing and left the country. (Its hard for your creditors to find you in Honduras!) After a few months I thought it would be safe to return (true story) but the are a persitant group and tracked me down in the midwest.
Seriously I quess take what ever you can get its tough to land an instructor or aviation job that you will hopefully leave in a few months. Remeber that this is a small industry and often times your reputation is all you have...protect it at all costs.
By the way Central America is very cheap, a good place in which to be poor........