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Our networking event will take place Saturday, October 13th, 8pm at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Suite 1802

Meet down by the "West Tower" elevators on "Level 1" of the casino, near the elevator that has access to the 18th floor. That will be the bank of elevators that are near the exit.

Look for a volunteer holding a sign that says "NetworkJC" at 8pm.

There is "keyed access" to the elevators so we will have several volunteers with key cards that can get the group to the 18th floor.

Remember, if you ask the front desk or the concierge about "NetworkJC" they will have no information.

Please arrive as close to 8pm as possible.

Note: The event is at full capacity and we are unable to accommodate last minute attendees.


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I got bumped off two flights from I won't be there until after 8 possibly.will someone still be down there to escort me?