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Just wondering what the "average" refund is from UVU to apply towards flight training with a FT course load? I understand that there are contributing factors that alter this figure, but just an average is what I'm hoping to obtain. I sure hope it's enough per semester to finish the rating being sought after. Appreciate the replies.
A rough estimate if you qualify for the max student aid which gives you about $5500 a year in Pell Grants. If you take 10-12 credits(depending on course fees) the Pell grant will usually cover the tuition which is around $2600. If you accept the total student loan subsidized and unsubsidized you will have between $4500-$5500 per semester left over for flight training. You only get the financial aid 2 semesters per year so if you start this spring you could receive aid spring and summer of 2014 then continue into the fall and spring semesters.