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Help!!! I am planning on starting a 4-year professional pilot program next fall. I've narrowed my search to Utah Valley State College and Metro State College of Denver. I've done a lot of research and spoken with several universities all of which have only good things to say about their respective program. I'm firm with my above 2 programs, but I have yet to talk to any current students at these programs. Anybody out there have first-hand knowledge or experience with the above programs. Anybody attending other programs that ruled either of these programs out during their research? If so, why? Any input/advice is greatly appreciated.

My girlfriend went to Metro acutally, I think technically she still goes there. She is actually transfering to Embry Riddle Online. However she says if she were to do it all over again she would go to college and not major in anything aviation related. She has all her rateings and she found the courses there to be rather unfullfilling because of her real practical expierence. Where do you plan to do your flying? I don't know about Utah, but I don't think Metro has any flying that they sponsor. You can technically graduate from their program while never setting foot in an airplane which to me seams a bit crazy. I know you didn't ask for my opinion, but I would consider getting a well rounded education. The airlines don't care if you studied English or Bio, just as long as you did something. We all love flying, because that is what we are choosing to do for career, but is that all you really want to know. I'm not trying to come off preachy, but I can tell I am. Sorry for that. Sometimes when we look at the specifics it becomes easier to miss the big picture. I am finding that big picture people are becoming rarer and rarer. I hope you aren't offended by my comments, and that they are worth what you paid for them...

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Don't worry, I'm not easily offended! I've actually heard the same comments echoed by current pilots. I've also heard the other camp of opinions from those same pilots' peers. Actually, these is a career change for me, I'm currently a firefighter/medic here in Texas. So, as a person, I think that I'm fairly rounded. There is one thing that I've found that totally separates Metro and UVSC's programs. All of Metro's flight training is simply contracted out to about 10 different privately owned Denver area flight schools. Only about 4 of the schools are Part 141. UVSC, on the other hand is a totally inclusive program; the University owns/maintains about 25 training aircraft, and the instructors are University employees. Anyways, besides from being told to consider a more broad education (like you recommend) I've also been told to do whatever is necessary to get done quickly and cheaply. I've found that generally that requires going to an institution with a 4-year aviation/flight training degree program. I really appreciate your comments and will be thinking about them as I make these life-changing decisions. Thanks again.
Unless UVSC has changed since I was enrolled last spring, the school has an on-line component called The global aviation program that allows you to pursue your degree online while flying at a state approved school in your state. Check out the dec. issue of Flt Trng magazine. In regard to pursuing an aviation degree versus a broader degree; if your are a career changer you already have the broader life experience necessary to get the big picture. You can always supplement your degree with a minor in bussiness or a certificte in safety for example.
BTW whats the deal with the ANGa10? Are you a former or current Hog driver or handler?
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If you are unaware, check out www.baseops.net. A lot of good info on ANG jobs. It may help you to achieve your goal. Hog drivers are a rare breed. I compliment you on your choice of aircraft to want to fly. Remember: Hung low and slow is the way to go!

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Well Ive heard lots of positive remarks about UVSC program. I have decided to get a degree in something other than aviation and do all my flight training locally in Southern Utah. I will save thousands of dollars by doing this. Embry has accepted me but the cost is to high. Having a big name school for my flight training doesn't really help me get a job flying. I kinda have a foot in the door with Skywest when I meet the mins..... Just look to see who makes you pay all up front if they do be very careful.

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