Using GI Bill for Dispatch School


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Hey everyone. New guy here, recently started research this career field after one of my military colleagues who is a dispatcher on the outside suggested I look into it. Most of the answers I'm looking for I found through searching and browsing the forums, but I'm wondering if anyone else here has used the GI Bill (specifically Post-9/11) to attend a dispatcher in-residence course? I'm going to start with the school and my service rep, just figured I'd see if anyone here had any gouge on the process or how it works.

I used the GI bill for my school but it was the pre-9/11 version. They paid me for the time I was in class so I think I ended up getting about 600 bucks total. Didn't suck but far from covering the total cost. Also I didn't receive it until the class was over.

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Thanks for the info, did you start that process through the school or the VA?

I entirely went through the school. At the time Sheffield was one of the only VA approved dispatch schools. I think since then some other schools have gotten the approval.
I went to Sheffield also and used the pre-9/11 GI Bill. It paid out ~$1300 when I went through almost two years ago. I went entirely through Sheffield for the paperwork.