USAF Dispatcher Job


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Are you a line dispatcher or do you hold an ATS designation, trainer, ASAP Committee member, etc.? Anything to separate from the pack. I came very close to applying, but relocating on my own dime didn't sound too appealing (plus I couldn't find my DD214 at the last second). I could possibly commute it and drive the 5.5 one way per week, but, I let this one go by.

I'm employed, worldwide heavy jet experience, and with us announcing hiring over 850 pilots in the next 18-24 months, there will be new DX to eventually come with that, so I'd like to think I'm pretty safe where I am right now...

For today anyway...
Just a line dispatcher and a veteran


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Just got the "not referred" on USA JOBS hmm I've been a dispatcher for 10+ years/ aviation over 20 and I am a veteran and I and still didn't even get an interview. They are looking for someone specific. Good Luck
Probably looking for someone with an active security clearance. Otherwise, it's a 1+ year wait after hire until you can do real work.