US Citizens only?


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Saw in another thread that ATP is very firm on the US citizens only. I had noticed that they have a location in Bowling Green and was thinking about doing the multiengine rating with them. I am not a US citizen though, I am a resident down here on a work visa. Would I be able to do the multiengine rating with them? Is the US citizen requirement only for the Career program?
Call the 1-800 number and ask. (1-800-255-2877)
I went through the program and I'm now working for them as an instructor, and I'm not a US citizen. I'm married here in the states, but still don't have my green card.

Perhaps things changed after Sep 11, but I started the program two months /after/ 9/11, so I would still double check. I haven't heard anything about this one 'absolute requirement.'

It does say on our webpage that you have to be a US pilot, but it doesn't mention citizenship under prerequisites.

So, to be sure; Call our main office and ask.
And let us know once you've done that. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif