US aircraft parts fall on Brazil


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BBC said:
Sections of a US plane have fallen from the sky onto a residential area in the city of Manaus in northern Brazil.
Pieces from one of the turbines of the DC-10 aircraft caused damage to several houses and a car, but there were no reported injuries.
The flight, operated by the Miami-based Arrow Cargo company, had been en route to the Colombian capital, Bogota.
Brazilian officials are investigating the incident and the company said it would pay for any damage to property.
<!-- E SF --> Local resident Aparecida Silva said a large part of the turbine had landed on her house when she was sleeping.
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Residents reported hearing a loud bang before the parts fell from the sky

</td></tr> </tbody></table> <!-- E IIMA --> "I opened the window after I head this huge boom and I see this thing up in flames, right in front of my doorway," she told Brazil's Globo TV.
"I had no idea what it was, I thought it was some weird, ugly thing or a UFO or something."
The television station broadcast amateur footage of what appeared to be burning debris falling through the night sky.
Other footage showed damage to houses, one with a collapsed roof and smashed toilet, and a piece of engine about 2m (6ft) long lying in the street.
A representative for Arrow Cargo in Manuas, Rai Marinho, told reporters the plane, carrying three crew members and an engineer, had had engine problems shortly after takeoff.
It was able to continue its journey but was later diverted to Medellin in Colombia because of bad weather, the Associated Press quoted the Colombian air force as saying.
Arrow Cargo DC-10 Sheds Engine Parts Over Brazil

Thu, 26 Mar '09
Pieces Strike Homes, One Car

No one was injured Thursday when a DC-10's engine began shedding parts as the Arrow Cargo frieghter flew over Manaus, Brazil early Thursday. At least 12 homes suffered roof damage, however, and one car was also hit by the falling debris.
The Associated Press reports one large item of debris -- nearly 6-feet long, and weighing about 550 pounds -- came to rest outside a number of homes in the northern Brazil community. Residents described hearing a loud 'explosion' overhead, and said the chunks of metal were on fire as they came down.
"You're sound asleep when suddenly you hear a noise and open your window to see something like that on fire on your doorstep," local resident Aparecida Silva told Brazil's Globo TV. "I didn't know what it was. Fortunately, it didn't hit anyone."
The four persons onboard the plane were also not injured. Globo said the debris looked to be from the combustion chamber and engine outlet. Parts of the engine nacelle were also reportedly recovered.
Rai Marinho, station manager for the Miami, FL-based company's operations in Manaus, said the company will reimburse local residents for any damage incurred from the debris.
Somewhat oddly, the plane's flight crew opted to proceed to their destination of Bogata, Colombia... but weather rerouted the flight to Medellin, where it landed without any further problems.

This was from I don't think it's odd at all that they continued. If they had landed in Brazil, they might have been arrested for littering.