Upset Recovery ... Does anyone know?


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Does anybody know if FSI is changing their upset recovery program? I heard rumor that they may be getting or contracting new aircraft instead of the Zlin? A friend saw and Extra 300 there a few months back ... is FSI getting one? That would be so cool if they did! What a break from everyday flying.


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I never really understood those programs. Why not just go rent a Decathlon and learn some acro.


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An extra 300 is a lot of fun, but it's just too much airplane for this kind of thing. To put it in perspective, the zlin does a 360 degree roll in 1.5 seconds, which is pretty sporty compared to the 150's most people do this in. In the same time, the Extra will have done 600 degrees. This equates to a lot more vomit, and a lot less understanding of what's going on with the upest and recovery.
For advanced aerobatics it's an obvious choice, but I wouldn't choose an Extra for teaching the very basics.



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What I have found out down here is alot of people have a certain amount of anxiety towards spins/aerobatic flight. They would never go out and do it on their own. However, its part of the program and most people have to do it, therefore they are exposed to flying they would not otherwise ever see.

Its good experience for alot of people.


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I hope they offer it at FSA soon. I fly out of SFB while three of my friends are at FSA and have yet to take upset training. There's an outfit at our field in SFB that offers the training using Extra 300's and its amazing training. I paid out of pocket to get it and it was worth every cent. No matter what you think you know, they seem to build you up and let you gain tremendous confidence and skill. Unlike what most think, they don't really teach you acro (in the upset course). They teach techniques that would keep GA and light jet aircraft well within the flight envelope. They use the Extra 300 I'm told because it mimics characteristics of corporate aircraft (stability, speed, etc) and its safety/reliability record. Personally I just loved flying the plane. It was so much more fun and made me feel much safer than a Decathlon. After five lessons I personally came out with a whole new respect (and love) for flying. I feel safer, smarter, and as they taught me during training, I'm no longer the limiting factor in flight.
I hope you all get a similar course.


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We're looking at a VLJ as an upgrade for the Baron, rather than the usual King Air 90 route.
Contenders are the Citation Mustang and the Eclipse 500.
The Eclipse has been dropped from the list for various reasons, but their upset recovery program is accomplished in an L39 Albatross! I was sorta looking forward to that part of the type rating. (Although you don't get that for free, it is charged extra and you don't get the type unless you complete that portion of training, hmmmm......)

Anyway I think it literally comes down to anything different you can do in an airplane under good supervision is a good thing. If you walk away having learned something then that has to be worthwhile.
(even if you did throw up the Micky D you ate for lunch!)