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Reading the PFT post got me wondering about UPS' crew bases. DE727UPS or A300Capt, what are the various bases and which aircraft are where?

Thanks in advance, guys!
SDF is the big base. ONT and MIA are small bases for the 757/767. All fleet types are based in SDF.
DE, I'm familiar with the operation at SDF ... quite impressive, I've flown in and out of the airport several times and Brown is all over the place for sure.

What about the smaller sorts, like CAE and DFW? Are they pilot bases or all flown with SDF pilots?

What about the smaller sorts, like CAE and DFW? Are they pilot bases or all flown with SDF pilots?

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CAE and DFW aren't pilot bases. They are mini-hubs to sort packages. The only pilot bases are SDF (Louisville), ONT, and MIA.
Dumb question (maybe): Does the scheduling at UPS or FedEx kinda go the same as a "regular" airline in that you are based at a hub, bid on trips and are gone for a couple of days at a time.....Or, for some smaller cities are you based there and fly out and back everyday? Just asking because the planes that are based here in Buffalo pretty much leave the same time everyday and get back around the same time. Just curious
We really don't have two day trips. The average model would be week on, week off. Other than that, it's like any other major airline.

We are mostly based in Louisville, KY. Because of that the company builds the BUF trip with a deadhead out on Sunday night or early Monday morning and a deadhead home on Saturday. Sometimes those deadheads are on company aircraft and other times they are company paid commercials.

I did the BUF trip once a long time ago. We stayed at a Sheraton in Cheektawonga....across from a big mall. I froze my gonads off walking across the street to the mall once when it was snowing sideways.
Hey, Thanks for the response....Yeah, it can get pretty wild and windy here sometimes, I hope everything thawed out ok

PS - When ya comin back!?
Does UPS or fedex pilots have travel benefits for then and their families like the airlines?
FedEx does have trips that are everything from one day to 14 days and everything inbetween. Enough 2 or 3 day trips for those that want those.

Also, FedEx does have travel benefits on other airlines, plus the standard assortment of travel industry discounts. Much comes from reciprocal agreements, and FedEx gives their employees 75% off, so that gives us access to good deals that otherwise wouldn't exist.
Seagull, as long as I'm asking about crew bases, what are they for FDX? I know about MEM, ANC, and Subic ... what are the rest and which aircraft are where?

As far as travel bennies, we don't get much beyond the jumpseat. We can get non-rev passes on SWA, but they cost $50 for a roundtrip anywhere and it's space available. Fedex is nice enough to give airline employees 75% off of shipping so, in return, they get some good travel bennies. UPS doesn't do stuff like that.
Wow, you don't even get ID-90s? (Not that those are really much of a bargain anyway.......)
I know we don't get no ID90's. We get some deal on ATA which is like the SWA passes. What's an interline discount? If we have them I don't know about it.

I heard we get a small discount on expensive overnight shipping with our own company, and that's a fairly recent thing. For normal ground, we pay full rate.

If I want my bid package sent to my house by the company, I have to pay for it. Thank Gawd we can bid on-line now.
We get our bidpacks sent to our house at company expense.

In terms of bases, we have MEM for MD-11/10, DC-10, 727, A300/310, ANC MD-11/10, LAX MD-11/10 and SFS A300/310.
We get our bidpacks sent to our house at company expense.

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Wow, we get the privilege of paying for our bid packages sent to our home.:p I just use Bidpro and download the files off the IPA website.

We do get discounts on family travel plans using websites like But as far as airline tickets and such, about all we have have is the SWA and ATA deal. We have a few deals for taking international trips but all the hoops you have to go through to get them makes them really not worth the effort. Besides, if I'm not working the last place you'll find me is at the airport.
We get a printed bid package in our employee mailbox and they're available online in .pdf format and plain ASCII/text.
We have the bid packets put in our mailboxes as well, but the pairings are also available online in .txt format off our PrefBid website. We use Preferential Bidding, so it's done all online. A few days after the bids close, the bid award is put up on the website in .txt format so it can be viewed from anywhere.

Anyone else's company use PrefBid here? Do you fly with the same person all month with your system (you as in UPS guys, seagull, Doug, etc.)?
We used PBS down at Delta Express, but I couldn't stand it because we more or less went on the 'cheap' and the person that the company had as a point-of-contact about PBS issues was always off at some "Airline Executive Knitting Convention" when the system would melt down.

I was probably 18 out of 280 FO's but I rarely got a decent schedule.