UPS emergency landing


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The CBS 5 news(Phoenix) just reported a UPS 757 making an emergency landing at PHX after the crew thought there might be an explosive on board. The news showed the pilots climbing out of the cockpit window and using a rope to lower themselves to the ground and then running from the plane.

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check out channel 5 if you are in the area.


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Man, talk about landing under pressure! I bet they were sweating bullets the whole trip down. It cheeses me off when some bonehead does something like that to one of our own.

I take it there was no bomb on board? Hope so...

I'll have to check my online news sources for the follow-up, thanks for sharing.

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Caught a bit of this story as I was leaving this morning. Apparently some moron called ina threat and the aircraft diverted here. They found the package and all that was in it was a watter bottle or some such nonsense. It was a false alarm.

Just when you think you've seen the lower leves of stupidity in this world darnit if someone else doesn't come along and lower the bar.


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If I would have stayed up another hour, I would have heard them on the PHX Live ATC Feed....


When my mum worked as a flight attendant - they frequently got bomb threats, and ignored them. This was before PanAm, and was normally passengers wanting to get their quicker.


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I guess, it was recieved by a UPS Tracker, and from there it went up the latter, my guess he was in ZAB (Albequerque Center) airspace and it got forwarded to them via the ZAB Controller


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More likely they had an ACARS message from dispatch

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(green flash) "Bomb on board"



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According to CNN the bomb squad did not find a bomb but did find pot in one of the boxes.

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They must have mistook the word "Bong" for "Bomb"....:)