UPS Delivers an Earnings Increase


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But, there's no money in freight....right?

UPS Delivers an Earnings Increase

MIAMI (Reuters) - United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS -news ), the world's No. 1 package carrier, on Tuesday posted a rise in quarterly earnings helped by good overseas shipments. Atlanta-based UPS said second-quarter profit was $692 million , or 61 cents a share. A year earlier, profit was $611 million, or 54 cents a share. Wall Street had forecast that UPS, which transports at any time the equivalent of 6 percent to 7 percent of America's gross domestic product, to earn between 58 cents and 61 cents a share, with a mean forecast of 59 cents, according to 20 analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call.


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Speaking of freight, off subject.. But Fedex hasn't updated my tracking info in 3 days..
I don't know if they just aren't updating it, or if it's floating somewhere outside LAX.

I like UPS tracker better.. blah.. okay.

I thought freight+mail was always where the money was


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But, there's no money in freight....right?

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That's what Delta's former CEO Ron Allen said, "There's no money in frieght".



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So, uh, this means they'll want you to take a pay cut, right?


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I was just gonna say, not too long ago they were warning that they might have to furlough...