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GOt word on Friday that I am in the MAPD program and will be starting in May. Just wanted to give you guys an update. Chess, I hope you heard the same great news that I did.


I am looking at all the schools available, and Mesa seems like a real possibility for me. I was planning on a more academic route (Spokane Falls CC to UNDakota), but this is a mix of both...

What are the costs? How do you like Farmington?

Thanks for any information!


I have the bug bad! I just need a direction....
I am estimating the cost to be about $50,000 to $60,000 including my living expenses for the 19 months. Hard to say exactly as flight time will vary for every student. Not much to do in Farmington, however I don't plan on having much of a social life anyway while I am there.

If you have more questions, ask away I'll do my best to help.

Thanks Chess!

Was wondering if the flying and other classes were full-time or just part time... Thinking of whether I need to budget on having a job or no job.

I already have a degree, but I understand and don't have a real problem when they are talking 19 months to a seat. I just want a FO seat, and as quickly as I can, while knowing what I am doing.

Any other resources for bios / FAQ / student commentary on Mesa? I'd love to see how people who are going through it or have done it like the process.

I have the bug bad! I just need a direction....
The interview process was pretty basic. You have an orientation in the morning which is full of information and some Q & A with current pilots, then you have your interview in the afternoon and a psych test. The interview is basically a chance for them to meet you and ask questions about any "red flags" that might be on your application. They also ask questions to make sure you want to be an airline pilot, you understand the career in general and the responsibility that their program demands. Chess might give you other insight, but that is pretty much how mine went. Oh yeah, they also ask how you are going to pay for it. That is a pretty big question for them I am sure.

One thing that Rae Lynn (the Aviation Coordinator) said is that if you made it to the interview process, you are looking pretty good. They already screened people through the application. This should take some of your stress off.

Good Luck. I hope I will see you there.

I read the book "Checklist for Success" by Cheryl Cage. It is all about airline interviews. I got questions in my interview that were almost word for word from her book. I had questions such as "how did you handle a problems at work?" and "what is the hardest decision you have ever made?". Also the interviewer tried to get my goat by implying that my current career was overpaid for what I do, fortunately I didn't take the bait and answered with out getting upset.

I took the interview very seriously. Wear business attire, act professionally and if you are not used to interviewing for jobs I would practice with someone. Hope this helps. During the orientation program they stressed that the program itself is a 19 month long job interview.