Unscrewing NYC


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The topic's been around for a while, but still kind of an interesting read, with some neat graphics to boot.


Gotta love the difference between the nuclear physicist trying to solve the problem in his lab and what happens in the real world.

"In the lab, the second plane is always ready to go when the first one leaves the ground. But the pilots at Newark aren't robots, and they don't move as quickly as the simulation."

Silly guy forgot to account for the fact that they're getting paid by the minute. :) I kid, I kid.
And he forgot TEB, HPN, and ISP. He also forgot to mention some other airports that are somewhat close (BOS, PHL, DCA, IAD come to mind) that are also departing airplanes to the same jet routes and destinations so spacing can become a serious issue once airborne.

There's nothing like getting in a line of about 100 airplanes heading south on J75 at about 9am on any given morning. Just because you depart on time don't mean you're gonna get there on time.