Unloading 35 prepaid flight hours - DFW Area


As some of you know, I got locked in to a flying club a few years ago at very low rates. I prepaid $6000 at the beginning of the year and would receive 8 hours a month in their aircraft. 96 hours a year.

I'm going on Active Duty for approx. 2 years, and will not be able to use my hours before they expire on 31 December, 2009.

Here are some features of the club-
-Schedulepointe scheduling
-1 2002/ 1 2003 Cessna 172SP with KLN 94 52247 and 359sp
-2 G1000 172s. 1 06 and 1 07. 21264 and 2446f
-No charge overnights when more than 3 hours flown (although they will be more restrictive when planes are down for mx)
-Flying out of KFTW
-Wet rate. If you fill up elsewhere, they'll reimburse you up to their cost at FTW, which is pretty high. Reimbursement takes too long though and I don't do it unless I have to.
-10% discount on flight instruction which at last check was $40.
-Free use of the sim, although I'm not sure if it's working right now. It's not a Frasca, but it's pretty cool. Uses FSX.
-Fully transferable membership- hence I can sell it to you.
-Can fly up to a max of 12 hours a month
-Any hours over 12/month will be billed at discounted block rates
-No stake in maintenance, insurance or any other costs.
- www.skymavs.com The site sucks in my opinion.
-We've also taken delivery of a DA-40XLS and a twin comanche. I'm not sure how they'll work the flight hour thing for this, but you can bet it'll be about 1.5 172 hrs per 1 diamond hour and probably. 2.5 per twin hour. I haven't flown either of these aircraft so I have no idea.

Some negatives

-these hours MUST be used by 31 December 2009.
-The planes are down more than they should be (very rarely are all 4 up)
-It can be difficult to schedule an aircraft during peak times if you don't do it a week out or so. You can easily fly at night though.
-Fuel reimbursement takes about as long as Air Force Travel Pay. (approx 4 weeks).

Okey Dokey. I have 35 hours left as of today. I won't be flying until I go on orders, so that's 35 hours of flying for you.

I'm planning to let it go at cost ($62.50) an hour, but if there's a bidding war I'll allow it. :)

I'm also marketing this through a friend who's an aircraft broker and seeing what he can turn up.

Seriously inquiries only, as this transaction must be completed by Sunday, June 7th. The best way to get me is via PM.
Sounds like a pretty good deal man, wish I could take you up on it. If you still have them in a month or two(which i doubt) I'll be talking to you.