University of Nebraska at Omaha


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Ive been looking into their professional flight program, and I was just wondering if anyone here had any idea of what the school is like? I know they do their flying at a couple different fbos and stuff...but it doesnt say much other than that

Thanks in advance!


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I'm an alumnus. Killer370
  • In-state tuition if you are a Nebraskan.
  • Local
  • Relatively cheap
  • Gets you that little piece of paper that says you can be educated to a higher level.
  • Rarely do you see the Back pack'n, hair gel'n tool bag.
  • Campus 2/3s female.
  • Advanced Air is a flight supplier.
  • Not a "Top X List" school. (If that even matters)
  • Horrible track record of pushing professors with actual flight experience out the door while welcoming Ph.D desk dreamers.
  • Zero oversight of actual flight lesson. Your instructor will fill out progress reports for you turn into the school. If you are not a self starter keep yourself on the proper flight lesson pace, you will fall through the cracks like most.

Personally I and other graduates on the flight side believe the majority of the professors would love to shutter the flight side and only offer the administration side. But if they did that, they'd loose the students that started out on the flight side, who proceeded to fall through the flight training cracks and then decided to join the admin-side. The actual shutting down of the flight side isn't a real concern.

I've had thoughts about how great it would be to go back and build the program up, but a doctorate ( which typically equals aviation amatuer) is required to work there as a professor.
I don't know who is still on staff anymore.

For me the Pros out weighed the Cons even with 20/20 hindsight. Do the best that you can, get the little piece of paper and move on.

Check out ILCC. I did a my first year up there and saved some money and actually knocked out my private and instrument over the fall/spring semester before transferring to UNO.


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Thanks for the info! I'm living in Lincoln right now so Id definitely prefer the instate tuition. I've taken a couple of lessons at advanced air so far, and I am really liking it there,. and I've already signed up at the community college here in I was planning on getting at least my ppl by myself and then transferring over to UNO.

I have a few more questions if you dont mind. How much does it cost when everything is said and done, like getting all your ratings and everything from advanced, as well as the degree from UNO? Did graduating from UNO make it any harder to find a job flying?


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In none of my interviews (Instructor, Charter, Freight or Airlines) has anybody ever asked me about my major or even the school I attended. None.
Heck, airlines don't even require your major be aviation oriented. You could stay around Lincoln and save some money by going to a Ju.Co. there and then transfer to UNL and study anything you want while getting your own flight instruction out at the Lincoln airport.
There are a million ways to skin this cat and the best way changes based on which person you ask.

The cost will vary widely depending on numerous things. The best thing to do is to sit down with a calculator and try to guesstimate a total between survival, tuition and flight school.
My numbers are *probably* not realistic anymore but I spent 35,000 on flight school.
I'm at UNO right now as a freshmen on the Admin side. I can't speak for the flight side but I do enjoy the actual schooling. I don't like the school however... It's dead on the weekends, so if you're like me and want the college experience... Meh, UNO aint the place in my opinion. I'm trying to transfer somewhere else that actually has a campus life. I'm really just not happy here. I do have my CFI ratings etc. I do wish to become a professional pilot, but I just don't see the relevance in having a degree for flying an airplane.