University Of Illinois?


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Does anyone know how the flight program at UIUC is? ie. How many hours, how are the instructors. I'm going there starting this fall and I want to know what to expect.
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I'm at the U of I... right now we have 19 brand new Piper Archer IIIs, about half of which have GPS (KLN-89, KLN-94, and Garmin 430). We also have five new Piper Arrow IIIs, all with Garmin 430 GPS (dual displays), and one of which is DECKED out with autopilot, and everything. We are supposted to be upgrading our multiengine fleet soon... we have three Duchesses.
For spins (and flying team) we have two Cessna 152s. One of them is my baby!
Regarding instructors, we have around 45 on staff right now. Only like 20 or so are full time, however. We have a lot of part-time instructors, since instructing is a requirement now for our Human Factors degree program. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me at

Oh yeah, how many hours...

Here's the breakdown (from what I can remember)
Avi 101: 25
Avi 120: 30 (PVT)
Avi 130: 25
Avi 140: 25 (INST)
Avi 200: 40
Avi 210: 45 (COMM)
Avi 220: 30 (CFI)
Avi 222: 15 (CFII)
Avi 280: 15 (Multi)
Avi 281: 5 (CRM)
Avi 291: 10? (MEI)
Avi 292: 5? (Turboprop orientation)
Avi 293: 5? (Jet orientation, I have no clue)

There ya go.