United news


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Here's some stuff on United I'd like to get confirmed or denied.

My questions are:

1. United used to run cargo DC-10s but dumped that when it wasn't making money. Will it work now. Plus can United fly these planes with their callsigns on planes with non-United pilots. Will there be a Scope on that?

2. Also a friend told me that United just signed a deal that allows furloughed pilots to be hired by it's regional airline partners on what's known as a fixed number hire basis with no interview or probation, so a mandatory fixed number of hire of furloughed United pilots as part of each class of regional new-hires..

They'll be starting with Mesa at second year Co-Pilot pay (approx. $27/ hour) with United paying the difference between the 1st/2nd year pay.

In addition the United pilot won't surrender his senority number and the regiojnal will pay any training contract cost if the furloughed pilot returns to United before the contract runs out.

The mesa pilots are squawking pretty loudly about the new J4J turn of events with United over at mesalounge.com