Union grievance thread


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When I saw BobDDucks post about filing a grievance for no Macadamia nuts with the crew meals, I had to laugh. But we gotta fight for our contractual rights. They are hard fought and an important part of maintaining and improving QOL in the workplace. I think I had two or three at Brown while I was there but just saw a post at our message board that a guy was at 10, which I thought was pretty impressive. What grievances have you filed and how did it turn out? If you aren't in a union, then you're really missing out on the fun.
But we gotta fight for our contractual rights. They are hard fought and an important part of maintaining and improving QOL in the workplace.

Absolutely! I have had 10 in recent years. With the signing of our new contract they've accelerated the resolution process. I think i've gotten a few hours of pay the last couple months as they've sorted through the older ones.

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I've filed many over the years. One of the best one was when I was at PSA still. The airport took back the space we were using as a crew room to put in a store. The company, see a way to pay less rent, downsized our crew room (was about 600 square feet) to the old quiet room (was about 60 square feet). At that time the base had about 90 pilots and 70 flight attendants. During most of the day there were two or three flights getting reading to depart.

Once they put the contractually required things (computers, chairs, coat rack ect) in to the crew closet, there was barely any room for crew, so we grieved it. It went to arbitration (along with a similar grievance about the new quiet room not actually being quiet, as it was attached to the maintenance hangar break room and shared a wall with the scheduling/dispatch woman's rest room) a few months later. During the leadup to the arbitration, I was sitting a lot of airport reserve, and one day I got bored and called the city fire department and asked what the maximum occupancy of our new crew room was. They didn't have any record of it, so they sent the city fire marshall out. I met with him, and showed him the room, which he promptly certified for max occupancy of three people. This meant we couldn't actually brief a full CRJ 700 crew of four in the crew room, let alone have more than a single crew of pilots in there getting paperwork.

We introduced the fire Marshall's report as evidence during the arbitration. Hilarity ensued. Unfortunately in the end, while the arbitrator did give us a a favorable decision, didn't provide language to enforce it very well, so the company was able to make a few superficial changes (like moving a filing cabinet out) and then just do nothing else about it.
I’m 5/5 at two different airlines. The most obvious one was after multi reassignments and a max duty day, I got to the hotel at 0100 and forgot to turn my phone off. I get woken up at 0300 by a phone call and immediately turn off my phone. Then they called the hotel room. They screwed up my rest and had to contact me to reassign it. They did it wrong again on the phone and I corrected them and went to bed, thinking I would call in fatigued when I woke up. They called again at 730 to assign me something else and I pulled the plug. Worked out great. I got paid out a huge grievance award because of all of the violations, got bought off the rest of my trip, spent a couple of days in the hotel and got home early.
I think my current employer takes the cake for grievances. Currently we have over 1500 open. I just had one settled for 40% of the compensation I requested after a 11 month wait.

we have 1900ish pilots.