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Is it Cheaper, to buy the shirts and pants from outside of the school, If so what brand should I buy and where.? Or should I just wait, untill the school issues the uniforms during orientation.? /ubbthreads/images/icons/confused.gif

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I bought my uniform from the school's company. Five shirts, three pants, a tie, epauletes and the wings cost me $220. I know some people buy outside that company, but am unaware of the prices. i imagine the shirts with the epaulete attachment are hard to find, but go for it if you can. Also, you may find better pants for a better price at another store. Maybe Chunk or KDrake can help you on this one.
What brand are the pants and shirts? Pilot shirts are widely available, but there are different styles. $220 doesn't sound too bad for what you have, though. I'd spring for a couple more uniforms, I like to do all the laundry on the weekend.
The shirt brand is EDWARDS. I bought 3 shirts and 2 pair of pants and that worked out just fine. I really would'nt try to worry about saving a few hundred dollars here or there because in the grand scheme of things it will drive you crazy. I just did my 5 hr x-country to Hilton head sc, got a burger and back to vero for just under $1300. The best way to save money is to be prepared for the lesson and not have to yellow sheet(do a lesson over) to many, but expect a few.

Check out www.marvgolden.com They have some shirts under the apparel section on the left. I haven't compared the prices with other "epaulet" style shirts, but marvgolden is close to rockbottom on nearly every aviation product. Should give you a baseline to compare with in any event.