UND phone interview and hiring process


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I'm about to have a first phone interview with UND for a CFI slot. I'd greatly appreciate anyones input on how UND hires their guys, and what is involved in the workshops and standz rides.



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I worked for UND from 2009-2011, so my information may be slightly outdated.

The hiring process when I applied consisted of a multiple-choice written test (a mix of stuff from the private, commercial and CFI regulations, as well as UND's in house policies), as well as a simulator session that was just part of an arc and a nonprecision approach.

At the time, the written evaluation was pretty heavily based on UND's policies and procedures, but I understand they've modified it so that someone from outside the UND bubble has a chance of passing it now.

The new-hire workshops are mostly soul-crushingly dull. They'll spend quite a bit of time on how to use AIMS (UND's in-house record keeping software), as well as all the other HR stuff as well as the UND policies and procedures.

Quite a bit of time will be spent doing course briefings, which requires an explanation of every single lesson in every single course CFI's might instruct, including the Air China and Tokai variants. Those briefings range from horribly boring to almost tolerable, depending on who happens to be giving that presentation.

My standardization ride was pretty straightforward, and was actually done with another new-hire CFI in the back seat. The flight consisted of a few private pilot and commercial maneuvers, as well as short/soft field takeoffs and landings, after which we switched pilots and repeated the process.

When I worked there, UND was really picky about landings (this went into effect after a rash of 172's being damaged by solo students, leading to lots of 709 rides ensuing for CFI's), and they'll expect you to make students be able to keep the final approach speed within +5/-0 kts, which I always thought was a little silly for PPL students.