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What up dudes? Anyways, I know that UND is like da bomb school and all and I know their flight program is really dope and awesome and I already know I wanna go there for college. Anyways, I was just wondering how airlines see this on your resume. Like, cuz I know if they see an Embry Riddle grad theyre like ooohh, he went to Riddle, is this the same way for Sioux grads? Also, are there any current flight students on the hockey team? Couldn't find the list of the majors of the players. thnx. Go SIOUX!
Hey Shawn,
I think UND looks as good or better than ERAU on a resume. Airlines like Continental Express, Horizon Air, PSA, Piedmont, Mesaba, ASA, and ACA come here to interview our instructors. They also hire UND grads with lower Total Time and ME time, like 600/100 instead of 1000/200. (ERAU has similar arangments with some commuter airlines) Also at UND you can work on a business (or any other) degree while you do your flying.

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Currently there are no hockey players in the flight program. I would think both flying and hockey take up to much time to do them both.