Ummm, no. Incorrect data.


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Nope, I don't own those domain names.

I do live in Scottsdale and I have a server at Go Daddy, which is a Scottsdale-based company, but the rest of that is pure hubris.

I don't sell books.

I do own a boatload of domain names, but neither of these two are among them.


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I found it interesting that a few that FREAK OUT on here about spreading rumors were more than willing to add to the thread on there. It was a rumor yet no detailed rant about how stupid everyone is for speculating...hmmmmmmmm :rolleyes:
Ah, maybe this explains the response to some PMs I've been exchanging with someone here. I unknowingly stepped into a pile of poo I guess.

edit to add: After reading further in the thread all I can say is Holy Cow, now I really understand the response I got! :D Talk about Irony with a capital Iron!
A domain registration is a domain registration.. at the best we can say that there are similar geographic locations involved but we cannot conclude one way or another as to who actually owns the domains or is running that goofy operation with the uncertified and somewhat contrived ATC-applicant book operation.

I would take nothing from it and draw no conclusions whatsoever about this.
Internet warz are dumb. Srsly my domain name and vBulletin code can kick yours in the ass.
wow am i the only one that read that thread and just breathed in a whole lot of elitism coming from some of the members on that forum? seriously i think some of them need to chill and go have a cold one or something.
I just didn't want any of you guys to go around googling and think that there was some secret conspiracy that I have of taking over the atsat process or pubnat, hell, I don't even know what those terms are, but I'm pushing a book on it? Huh?! :)
You'll note that I made it clear in the thread why those weren't you're domains, D.

Just spreading some love your way, man.
Reason #437 why I don't have a "face-book" page...

What goes on the "internets" stays on the "internets"....

I largely don't give a poop about "words on the internet" because that's just a byproduct of me being frank and having the courage to use my real name.

But me writing a book about ATSAT? Ha! Man, I don't even know an ATSAT from a PUBNAT from a GEOPREF from a freaking red squirrel chirping at me above in the trees.

YOU guys do! :) I don't.

For the record, stuckmic's webmaster (see, it's not censored! :)) probably has a beef with me as do A LOT of people probably (the line forms right there in the corner!) but my only priority is the quality of the environment for the people that choose to visit and that's my only concern.

I want a site that I came come home after a long trip, tune in and feel like an extension of my living room. Learn some, laugh a lot, a little healthy debate, have a good time at the meet 'n greets, meet some new best friends.

That's pretty much the alpha and the omega of what I'm going to strive to do, and whenever that erodes, well, I'm gone baby gone! ;)
But me writing a book about ATSAT? Ha! Man, I don't even know an ATSAT from a PUBNAT from a GEOPREF from a freaking red squirrel chirping at me above in the trees.

YOU guys do! :) I don't.
and how do we really know you are telling us the truth :sarcasm:
Yeah, I'm busted.

I wrote a book about an a bunch of acronyms I know absolutely nothing about because I want to eat babies and let stem cells marry! :) Scottsdale's not a city of a quarter of a million people, with Dial Corp, PF Changs corporate headquarters, (which I don't own either, but I wish I did!), or even Go Daddy with a trillion or so registrations.

It's just me, a bald head, and a cat I call Mr. Bigglesworth that's on my lap as I slowly plot to take over the world! MooO HoOO HAAA! :)