UFO Spotted in Norway!


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The Norwegian paper Aftenposten reports on a UFO sighting. "Observers heard an explosion and spotted a fireball in the night sky over Lardal on March 14." Turns out to have been a flaming feline: "Sheriff Lars Helge Sogn believes a cat climbed up a high-tension power line and burst into flames after striking the high voltage cable with its tail. The heat from the short circuit caused the wooden mast to burn, and it is most likely this that appeared to be a fireball on the horizon on the night of the mysterious sighting." The cat did not survive.

Unidentified Feline Object?
Last night over Chicago there was a fireball as well... it was a meteor shower or "space junk" burning up on reentry. I guess there is junk in yards all over the place. I was up around 12:00 last night and saw a huge flash outside the window, and figured it was lightning... so I packed up the laptop and headed to bed. If I would have known what it was, I would have gone outside to watch! (And probably have been killed by falling space crap!) haha