UAL Furlough Numbers?


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bahah. . .oopsie.

Professional Pilot Mag indicates they have 6400 pilots. And which. . .is a great magazine. Free as well. . .:)


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Hire date of 1999 is what I am hearing too. Seem like accurate, although terrible numbers to see. Wonder if the guys that were furloughed last time will come back again? I sure wouldn't.

/begin rumot

I guess Tilton and the gang didn't want to build low credit lines, thus the need for so many furloughs. So much for paying 950 pilots benefits so in turn they award themselves with $130 million incentive plan. Awesome. :rolleyes:


Sadly, I am not sure if this will ever be a 'good' company to aspire to be a part of. Tilton just keeps making it worse all the time. Too bad.


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I don't think there is a such thing as a *good* company ANYWHERE right now in ANY industry. This eh suck. Just had one of our guys who was going to quit the AF thing to go BACK to UAL pull his paperwork. I am pretty sure he's staying put right here.