UAL Express carriers...

Great Lakes is more of a code share partner than a United Express Carrier. They now fly all flights as Great Lakes but carry the UEX and Frontier Codes. Someone correct me if im wrong.

I think you got all the rests, but who knows if UAL is done awarding conracts yet.
I heard that UAL is dropping or will be dropping a big part of Great Lakes and is awarding it to Skywest. I don't know if this is true but that is waht my buddy from Skywest said
Wasn't that for Mesa? I think they dropped Air Wisconsin in Denver for Mesa, using the EMB-120, or CRJ, unsure about that.

But I know Mesa was there somewhere.
No, Air Wis is still a UEx carrier, They just replaced teh D328 Flying out of DEN with Mesa's Dashs.
Well we at ACA are not sure if TSA will be taking over all of ACA's routes. There deal with UAL was for up to 25 RJ's. We operate 110 CRJ's and 25 J41's for UAL. I don't think that 25 jets are gonna cover what we do for UAL. BUT if UAL plans to downsize or close IAD as a regional hub then yes it is possible.
ACA owns the express gates at IAD so it could turn into a big battle.... Thats all I know so far
The Dashs really? I thought it was the EMB120?

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Mesa does not operate E120s any longer. It is with Dash 8-200s.
I think that UAL announced a couple of months ago that they were terminating their code share with Great Lakes.

As far as gates, UAL owns the ORD gates that ACA operates from, but not the IAD gates. However, there are a lot of empty UAL gates in Terminal C.

My personal feeling is that ACA won't get anything from UAL. And I think, if the bankruptcy court lets us, that we might stop flying for them overnight assuming the rumors of bigger and better things are true.
Hmm, I know I read it. Maybe it wasn't with Mesa, could have been with SkyWest. I don't know. But I am sure it was United, Denver, EMB120, regional service.
Hey Dave, I'm a stickler for rumors? Are you able to mention what this bigger and better rumor is?
Hehe.. Hey, if ACA dumps UAL, they'll be free to persue Frontier, since Mesa has to leave that job.

Here's the dillio.

Current UAX carriers with MOUs are: Air Wisconsin, Skywest, Mesa, Trans States.

Chautauqua I guess was days away from signing an MOU with UAL when the pilot group passed the strike vote, which ran UAL off screaming, and thus Trans States is in the mix.

Mesa's turboprop flying out of Denver was a product of Air Wisconsin grounding the Doinkers. AWI decided to get rid of the DO-328 when Fairchild went belly up and they were unable to honor the contract regarding spare parts. This was well before UAL went into Chapter 11, BTW.

Hehe.. Hey, if ACA dumps UAL, they'll be free to persue Frontier, since Mesa has to leave that job.

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You think that's a lateral move, do ya?
Hehe... It was meant rather tongue in cheek.. <grin>

ACA dumping 75 RJs for United so they can fly 10 for Frontier...

Who's yer daddy!

Hey Dave, I'm a stickler for rumors? Are you able to mention what this bigger and better rumor is?

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The going rumors are that we will either fly under our own name or that we will be Virgin's American partner. Either way, supposedly we will get Boeings or Airbuses.

Just a rumor for now, but there might be some facts to it in the next couple of weeks.

Get your resumes ready!

/me rubs goatee

So, ACA is actively pouring gasoline on the UAL bridge...

Meanwhile Branson pipes up with "I gotta get in on some of that Yankee action"

I'd be astonished if ACA decided to try to spool up under their own power. What market are they hoping to fill? God knows the East coast is owned by Blue and U. West coast and you'll be bumping heads with Southworst. Go down south and AirTramp will eat your lunch. Moving in on Big Sky's territory? <grin>

How much do you pay your dispatchers? And when are you going to stop being based at friggin Dullas? Geez, I thought it was expensive to live around Chicago!?

When the United battleship was going down by the head, Whiskey looked at going it alone. The excuse from Mahogany Row was that we didn't have a reservation system in place (which is easily rectified... If UAL went bye bye Apollo would be pretty easy to get a hold of, and what do you know, we come pre-configured for it!)... And of course the usual "it's too expensive", blah blah blah... I for one thought we could make a reasonable run at it.. After all, we're flying 86 and 100 seat airplanes right now... Of course a King Air could outrun them, but I digress. <grin> I'd say, ditch all the CRJs, shift our base out of ASE, fly from ASE to everywhere in the 146 and watch us rake in silly cash!

I do have to wonder how one would cut a reasonable profit margin on a 50 seat jet. Now, the CRJ9... There's a bird that might pay the bills.

All that I know is that management says that our contingency plans are currently more attractive than what UAL is offering. I heard via the grapevine that they wanted 98% competion factor including weather (in the northeast, if you can imagine).

Personally, my money is on Virgin.

One advantage that we have is that something like 60% of the passengers that start on ACA finish with us, rather than connecting to UAL mainline. We could be a force to contend with on the east coast subject to finding gates (with the flap in Denver, I don't expect to get them from UAL). I think that we own the IAD gates, but not ORD, and I don't know about the outstations.
*snort* If UAL expects 98% completion rates INCLUDING weather, it's going to find that all of its regional partners are going to be in breach of contract early and often. Sunday July 6th alone pretty much took care of that for all of us this month!

On the gate situation, you guys have the east coast locked if you base out of IAD, though you're going to be sucking wind on volume for a while. Chicago would be interesting, since I think United also controls ACAs slots. Theoretically if you're not flying those slots for UAX, someone else will be, but I would also imagine that you won't be hubbed in Chicago, and if you were, might I suggest Midway? <grin>

Well take it from an ACA dispatcher....
The pay is SH___ , Its about industry standard, but just as you said the area is so expensive to live that its crazy.... We just had 12 dispatchers quit.
I have to live with 3 other people and I still cant pay my bills.... And yes the rumors are flying about Virgin, But it seems that people at Skywest know more about our position they we do. To actually live in the area they would have to pay us 19.00PH just to be the same as Skywest and trust me there is no dispatcher at ACA making even close to that.