UAL and ACA Agree... Or Something Like That...Maybe...


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I just heard about this. Looking at the wording carefully, it looks like they are just agreeing to pay us for what we've done in 2003. It does not appear to be any kind of code share agreement.

There was supposed to be a hearing on 7-28 that would have addressed the 2003 rate issue. I'm not sure if that will go forward.

For that matter, ACA hasn't issued a press release saying that there is any kind of agreement. Maybe our management doesn't know it yet.

I'd say this is just more hardball negotiating tactics and is far from a love-in.


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Dave that is exactly what that is.... There is no agreement on a new contract, just that they are going to back pay us 2003 rates.... UAL is so pissed at Blue ridge right now, in my opinion there is not going to be a new contract....
Just my opinion
PS... I just heard that Skywest has just ordered IAD jepp plates along with all three NY metro airports... Hmmmmmmmmmmm


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Heh.. Well, Trans States comming on and Mesa getting a jet deal probably should have started that Career Dissipation Light blinking pretty quickly.

Frankly, in the absence of ACA, I hope Skyworst gets the East Coast stuff. I think if you add the ATC idiots at PHL to this Chicago deal, there'll be a homicide!



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well for UAL right now I guess its all $
Bringing back Trans mistakes and Big Messa...... (just kidding to anyone who works there) We own the gates at IAD ----- they are gonna have to operate from hardstands and if anyone who works at Mesa remembers PHL before the F gates...... Terrible
Let them deal with IAD during thunderstorm season, and ORD with snow and there everyday flow programs!


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Even if ACA and UAL get lovey-dovey, it doesn't seem like there are many jets left for UAL to hand out. We would be going into a declining fleet situation.

I think it's much more likely that we'll drop UAL like a hot potato and find a new dancing partner.

On a related note, JetBlue is now flying from JFK to IAD. How many folks are going to choose a Jetstream over an Airbus, especially in the middle of the summer?

Personally I think that Mesa or whoever comes to IAD will operate of the C gates. There are plenty of empty UAL gates over there.