Type of aircraft at FSI


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What type of airplanes does FSI have in their fleet? I'm hoping they have pipers, but will settle for Cessnas if I must.

Looks like my question was answered with an old packet I found just seconds after I posted.

Piper's factory is on the same field....can't imagine what kind of heartburn it would cause to buy cessna's products over pipers....

For those who don't know, FSI uses the following:
PA 28-161 Cherokees
PA 44-180 Seminoles
PA 28R-201 Arrows
Zlins for aerobatic training
I know what a Warrior is, but what's a Warrior CADET?

How much flying do you do in the Arrow? Just the SE add-on?

The Cadet is a Warrior but a Warrior is not a Cadet. The Cadet has the same Cherokee airframe as all the others with the long tapered wing with the 160HP lycoming, the only visible diference from outside is that it only has 2 side windows, all the other cherokees have 3. It doesn't make much difference, also think the back seats in the Cadet are optional, we use them here but you won't always find Cadets with a rear seat.
The Arrow is a beast, not the best flying plane. It holds alot of fuel, more than you'd expect for a 200HP engine. If you do your SE add part 141 you'll do some time in the Arrow. If you do the SE part 61 then it's all Cadet time. The Arrow is mostly flown in the CFI course because it's a complex airplane (Constant Speed prop, Flaps, Gear yadda yadda...) Personally I like the Cadets, you fly it so much that you'll become really comfortable with it, and on those solo cross countries you have plenty of room.
What condition are the cadets in? What year are they and do they have good instrument and avionics systems?
Shame on you for calling the Arrow a beast.
It does take a little getting used to especially coming from the mighty warrior. I've been flying a T-tail Arrow for my commercial, and after you learn the intricacies of landing the sonofagun, you can squeak em' on just like a warrior. Just gotta have a lot of up trim in prior to the flare. Does FSI have T-tails? Anyhoo, it is so much more stable in the air than a warrior I've found. I just want to get my hands on one of those Seminoles.
FSI's Arrows are not T-tails. I've always been partial to Arrows, even though they are barely faster than the Cadets.

There are two varieties of Cadets, VFR and IFR. The VFR have one KX-155 navcom and basic instruments.

The IFRs have dual KX-155s, ADF of various types, and King DME.

The condition of the airplanes is decent, although it does vary from plane to plane.
I've been flying the Arrow - and would agree it is a bit of a beast. Everything feels heavy - the rudder pedals particularly. With practice, one can get pretty good at landing it - I find landing with a bit of power left in helps. As for the previous post that claims it holds a ton of fuel, the one that I am flying holds the same amount as the Warrior - 48 useable gallons.
You're right mrule I've also found that it helps to land with a little power in, I think it keeps that prop slipstream over the stabalator keeping the heavy nose up....Anyway, the Arrows we fly here have 77 total Gallons, that's alot alot alot of fuel. You could stay aloft (disregarding FAR's) for >7 hours with it leaned out!!