Two reports slam airport security


Does It Really Matter....?
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Baggage-screening equipment is sitting unused in airport terminals nationwide, and a passenger-screening program due to be released this summer is flawed and running behind schedule, according to two reports released by congressional investigators Thursday.

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We've got the public scared to fly, and the only reassurance is the new screening equipment. Whether or not that addresses the real issue we can debate all day long but that's not important for this topic.

And then we've got that screening equipment -- which you and I coughed up tax money for -- sitting around gathering dust.

This and other actions involving airport security deserves a big LAUGH as the comment!!!!
Let's see here. We've got a republican House, an even Senate, and a republican President.

Yup, let's blame Daschle.
The House was not republican when Daeschle rammed through the TSA act. The last election tipped it back.

"Federalizing" is not usually a republican agenda item.

The point is you can stop blaming all YOUR problems on Bush. Start taking responsibility for your own situation.

I managed to get by with 8 years of Clinton and never once tried to blame him for any of my problems. My problems are 99% my own doing.

Famous and often stolen quote from way back: "Your life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you handle it."

Even better put by Robert Heinlien (and stolen very cleverly by Erma Bombeck), "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."
Don't blame Bush? Weren't you just blaming Daschle?

As for me taking responsibility, what do you want me to do? Go and install that equipment myself?

P.S. It takes both chambers of Congress to pass legislation. The House has been in republican hands since the days of Clinton.
""Federalizing" is not usually a republican agenda item."

Not usually, but in the last 3 years, I would start to question that.
Tony is there anything about life you like?

You are one of the most negative people I have ever corresponded with.
Say what? I say that the TSA messed up because they didn't install the equipment that they purchased with our tax dollars and I'm the most negative person you've ever corresponded with?

What's up with that?
Comments like "See what your buddy Daschele did" is going to make one group smile and one group angry, no way around it. I guess JT thinks that everyone is republican, or if they arent they should be. What do you expect when you make comments like that?
Ok I you got me there Kingairer. I'm just tired of seeing Bush take the heat for EVERYONE's problems in the country.

Me, I know my problems are my problems, and who is in power doesn't make all that much difference. You just change the way you do things.

Druing the Clinton years I did business one way, now I do business another under Bush. And next year, under Al Sharpton or Michael Jackson or whoever, I'll do it according to their rules!