Two-More Questions


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Okay, I apologize for inundating the ATP index with questions, but that just goes to show how interested I am.

Also, if I put them all in one post, who would want to read possibly the longest post of questions.

1. How full-time is the instructing if you are brought on and is the pay substantial (I understand a relative term), but pretty good for Instructor standards, I hear Ari-Ben instructing can be slow

2. Does ATP offer it's instructors discounts on ATP rating when they're ready?

Should do it!

Guess I'm the lucky one today! I get to respond to each of your posts first!

1. Instructing is VERY full-time. If you are hired you should very easily make 1000 hours within a year. The pay is competetive, and there is a potential for bonuses as well.

2. I honestly don't know the answer to your second question. I haven't thought to ask yet!
I guess I should!

If you are reading this today... give the office a call at 1-800-255-2877 (1-800-ALL-ATPS). I'd be happy to talk to you.