Two mild probable concussions


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Dr. Forred,

I'm looking to renew my first class medical. In the past three years, I've had 2 doctor's visits after hitting my head. One was 2 years ago and the other one happened about 14 months ago. I didn't experience any unconsciousness. First one I hit my head on a valve at the hangar, the 2nd one I hit my head on the ceiling from the top bunk in my college dorm room. Aside from a mild headache and a bit of fatigue for a couple days, I was fine.

Do I need to be concerned about reporting these visits to the FAA? I've heard that concussions are okay as long as you don't lose consciousness, but I'm afraid the AME/FAA will take issue with two minor ones in a short period.

I've reported a concussion to the FAA and have had no problems......the concussion was years ago though.