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Anybody have any views about Texas State Technical College Waco.?

I heard about them from a friend who was a student there now flying corp. in Chicago after being Furloughed from CoEx..

Their prog sounded nice price reasonable, Associate degree which articulates into 4 yr degree thro some other univ, Good reputation etc....

U say the rest!!!
TSTC's four year agreement is with Baylor University in Waco. It's a private school affiliated with the Baptist church (I believe). Muchos expensive. Their website is baylor.edu
TSTC does have a good reputation from what I've heard. I don't know how easily you could transfer to a four-year program other than Baylor.

Good to hear that it has a nice reputation.

If i happed to get a Assct degree with TSTC will i be able to get a 4 yr degree with some other univ (Other than those affliated with TSTC??)

I must say they show their cost as something nearing 30K for CPL IR ME CFI CFII MEI + Asc Degree.

I find it better than top brands. again thier fleet has 152s 172s pipers and kingair..

I think Central Texas College in Killeen offers the 2 year degree, but you can also work on your 4 year at Tarleton States campus in Killeen. Might be something to check in to.
I'm currently enrolled at TSTC and am working on my instrument rating. TSTC has an agreement with Tarelton State and Baylor. I am happy with the training so far. Feel free to send me an email.