TSA-I hate them!!


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Ok, as some of you guys know I used to work as a screener for the TSA. That was 6 months of my life I wish I could get back!

Anyways, I quit back in January so I could work for Frontier Airlines part time and start flying lessons. I gave them the 2 week notice and ever since then I have been trying to get my Vacation pay that I had saved up. Still nothing, all i get is a big run-around!

Then today they call me and tell me that I wont get paid overtime for the pay period (2weeks) that i worked 96 hours which was back in september!!

Any ideas of what I can do? All I want is my vacation money. Is that too much to ask from our government?

I am thinking I should steal a couple of their hand wands and call it even.

Maybe I could make a sign and go through security with it? Any ideas what i could write on the sign and not get arrested for it?

Any ideas of what I can do?

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Yes. Get a lawyer. Preferably one who specializes in Labor Law.

Good luck.

I would take it to the US equviliant of an employment tribunal (if there is not one over here, maybe small claims?) it will cost more money for them to look into the matter and they will send you the pay!
Would a lawyer be cost effective?

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Depends - it may only take a letter from an attorney, or you may have to bring suit (which I highly doubt as you are dealing with govt. red tape.)

I doubt they're trying to screw you, they just haven't gotten around to processing your request yet.

Echoing what Iain wrote - you, personally, could file in small-claims, but it does cost some $ to file.

If it were me, I'd write them a letter (make a copy of it) and state something to the effect of:

<font color="red">"Consider this letter my last request for remittance, by you, of my Vacation pay. I have attempted, on several occasions, to resolve this issue by telephone, but as of the date of this letter, have been unsuccessful.

This will be my last communication to your offices. If I have not received my Vacation Pay - in full - within the next 30 days, I will have no other choice, but to retain legal counsel."</font>

See if that works.

Good luck.

hey thanks guys, i think it irks me more than anything, i mean the $350 isnt that much money anyways, its the point you know? I will try the letter thing, and then maybe get my friend that works at a law firm help me out. Use one of their letter heads.

You are probably right though, i doubt they are trying to screw me, im sure it is just waiting in the big pile of gov. paperwork.

I actually called the local newschannels about it and they said that there are hundreds of people in my situation and some never got paid from the beginning. I dont know how you can work for 6 months without pay and just hope some day they get around to paying you.

You know, its funny, but back when i started with this crap last year, i really thought it was going to improve everything but now i look back at it and it is just a huge waste of money. All it does is create a false facade of security for the general public. All the "high qualified people" they hired to replace the old foreign people are gone and have found other jobs now. Ive only been out of there for 3 months and already I dont recognize barely any of the people that are working there now. Maybe ill take pictures of them screwing off while on duty and send it to the newspapers? could be interesting.

my conclusion: TSA is just the same old crap in a new package.
That is really, REEEEEAAAALLLYYYY crappy of them.

I'd do what r2f said and then send a follow up letter from your 'laywer' (just write it yourself though).