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I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some info about UND I've got catalogs and things of that sort but I wont to no if the B.S.IN AERONAUTICS: AIR TRANSPORT is a good choice. I would also like to no about there Facilities,Aircraft,And most important how the MAJORS look at UND.

P.S If anyone please could give me a rough estament on how much it would cost for the

go to (if you haven't already) There is lots of useful info on that page. That should answer most of your questions.
I think if you ask most airline pilots you will find that the general opinion is that UND turns out excellent pilots. There are always people who will disagree. Bur in general we have a very good reputation with all the airlines (regional and major)
I would suggest you contact the student services office and ask for Ken Polovitz. He is a great guy and would be happy to answer all of you questions.

Good Luck
Actually it has been beautiful here lately. Mid to High 20's or Low 30's all week and sunny. It is tough to ask for much more than that in Jan. in ND.
If you don't mind me asking what degree is it that you are going to school for. Also could you tell me a little about it if it apply's
to AVIATION. Thanks
Hey, sup? UND sent me a crapload of info about all their aviation programs and I can't tell you anything about their facilities, aircraft or anything cuz I haven't been up to UND yet, but it all looks good to me and I wanna go for the ATP degree cuz it looks dope to me. They also sent me a list of how much everything would cost, for out of state tuition and room and board and etc. it would be around 90 0r $95,000 for all 4 years, but this is for the ATP major. Each major has different prices, like the commercial major would only be bout $85 to $89,000. But the ATP major is the most expensive major out of all the aviation majors at UND. Go Sioux! Go Panzer!

My major is Aviation Management. This major requires all the flight courses through comm/multi-engine. The big difference is how many business classes I have to take. (for example I have a Human Resources Management class in 25 min) In August I will graduate from the College of Business and Public Administration, not the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences. (In other words I will have a business degree, not a Aviation degree.

The main reason I decided to go this route is I feel that a business degree will make me a more well rounded person, it will also make me more competitive for a flying job. And also, If some day I loose my medical certificate, I will have a solid degree to fall back on.

Having a Commercial Aviation degree from UND is a great thing, if you fly. But, if for some reason flying doesn't work out, its like having a degree in Art History; you really cant do much with it.

I would recommend the Aviation Management degree for all of the reasons I listed above. Be prepared to work however, this degree is significantly harder than the Commercial Avit. Degree. You will have to take almost all the same classes as the Comm. degree, plus, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, at least 4 Management classes, Statistics, and more.

If you decide to not take the Aviation Management degree. My advice would be to go with the Commercial Aviation Major, because it is fairly easy and you can finish it fast and be on your way to a flying job.

Good Luck

Hey Shawn


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UND CFII, Jeff is an awesome player. I used to play hockey and graduated with a freshman on the hockey team right now. His name is Qinn Fylling. I also had Jeff's brother as a coach and counselor when I attended a hockey camp in Grand Forks three years ago.

How long before you leave UND and fly for an airline? I heard Horizon takes a lot of UND grads.

Jeff is a great player, his brother Jay was pretty damn good also. I am really surprised that the pro's are not more interested in Jeff. He is the best player in college hockey. You have to see him play in person to appreciate how fast he is.

(Ok, back to flying)

I will graduate in Aug '01. I was going to try May '01 but I pushed it back a bit to make this semester a little easier. This summer I will only have one more class to do. That particular class is a 400 level management class which requires A TON of work so I decided to make my life a bit easier, and graduate in Aug.

Right now I have about 450 total time, 150 dual given, and 30 multi. (I will be doing my MEI this summer) I figure I could go with Great Lakes, or some other small regional right now. (or right after graduation) But I want to hang around here for awhile probably until I get 1000TT and 200ME. With those kind of times I think I would be pretty competitive for a RJ slot with CoEX or TWE or ACA or Horizon or Piedmont or Skyway(Doug's old stomping ground).

I really like it here at UND, and I am not in any real hurry to leave. I am also engaged to a great girl who is also not in a big hurry to leave. We both just received promotions at our jobs, and she is from ND, are two of the reasons we are going to stick around for a while

I think by this time next year I will no longer be living in; or be employed by "The Great State of North Dakota"

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I called UND today and asked them about their ATP degree and they said that they where going to get rid of it because it was so much like the COMMERCIAL AVIATION DEGREE
and also since they made that deal with NORTH WEST their is no need for the flight bridge program. Hay don't worry though because they said that the COMMERCIAL is the same.

P.S. Someone correct me if I'm wrong I think it's NORTH WEST but I'm not sure
What is this laptop computer program does this really help the students or is it just a way UND can earn more money. I just don't understand having to pay the school around $4,500 for all four years just to use a computer that you have to be issued. Could someone fill me in. Thanks
I wont to go to UND but the problem is the cost. I haven't seen a straight answer for the cost of the B.S. in COMMERCIAL AVIATION,
I've seen anywhere from $65,000 to $85,000
but that's a big chunk of money in-between. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what your paying or even what a friend is paying. THANKS

Cost estimates can be found on the web page. click on "prospective students" it is in there somewhere.

As far as the laptop program goes, I really dont have any personal experience with it. I started school a year before they started the program, so I never had to buy one. I have heard mixed reactions from people. Some really like it, some think it is useless. Most of the negitve comments are about the cost. There is also info on the laptop program on the website.

Thake care

*sigh* The laptop program is a ripoff. You keep the same laptop for 3 years, by which time it's so hopelessly outdated that it's more or less an expensive paperweight. Despite what Prof. Skramstad may try to tell you, you can opt out of the program and buy your own laptop. Just don't show up to pick up your laptop, and they won't charge you. Also, most of the classes I've been in don't require you to bring a laptop, like Skramstad will try telling you.
This program does seem like a waste of money. Computers are outdated pretty much right after you buy them, which is good sometimes because you can get a decent computer for under a $1000. Hey N738FZ, how do you like UND? I am from Minot but chose to go to a Community College in Nebraska to play golf, regretting it a little bit because I don't get to fly that often.
Overall, I like UND very much, it's a great school, and I think it's prepared me well for a career as a professional pilot. The reason I chose it are all the great opportunities the program affords, such as internships like the one I'm doing now, or the many reduced-hiring-minimums agreements we have in place with numerous regionals. That said, there's a few things - like the laptop program - that just irk me about the school.

Hey Shawn - did you catch my latest Odegard NewsFlash? What'd you think?

--Sam Weigel
What's up Sam,

Yea I saw it, gave me a few good chuckles. I think, the fact they let you do that, says alot about UND Aerospace. That they are not obsesed with image, and alow someone to poke a little good natured fun at the school. I dont think it would be a good idea to distribute that outside UND. I think people might not "get it".

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