Troutdale, OR (in portland vicinity) training?


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Hey everybody,
I m new to and will be starting my private license soon here in portland. I only live about 3 or 4 miles from troutdale airport so i was wanting to know if any of you knew about any fbo's there. I went to Gorge Winds and was happy with their prices and friendly staff. Just wanted to know if anyone had any insight into some flight schools in the PDX area? Hillsboro is also an option but it is a long MAX (commuter light rail) ride. What are your guys thoughts on Hillsboro? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Aero West @ Troutdale (TTD) is where I started. They were very good. The planes were clean and my instructor was easy to get along with. He made the training fun and didn't grill you to hard when you slipped up

Of course this was 1998, so I don't know if they even exist still. TTD is an excellent airport to train at though, when you can get a clear day in Oregon

Have fun!
I did some instrument training with Right Approach Aviation. My instructor was Craig Williams (excellent instructor, but he may be moving on to a regional job soon). Other instructors there seemed very good as well.

The trek to Hillsboro would be a long trek. You're probably looking at a 3-4 hour round-trip on the MAX.
sweet i will be starting at right approach on tuesday and my instructor will be craig. i m pretty excited to finally get started training. thanks for the advice.

Montana Pilot, I fly out of an airpark called Twin Oaks about 5 miles south of Hillsboro. It would be a long commute but the place is great. The winds rip at Troutdale in the winter.