Transportation to MCO


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Does anybody know the best way (i.e. cheap) to get to/from MCO other than by car? Is there a way from Vero Beach?

While you're at it, what is that the closest airport with regularly scheduled service into VRB?
MLB has service from DeltaConnection.....not positive who's doing it today...think it's still ASA.

I guess I was think more like a bus. Is there Greyhound service? I don't have my jumpseat privileges in place yet!

West Palm Beach (PBI) is about an hour away, with a medium number of commercial flights availible. I know there is shuttle service there for something like $20. I always fly out of MCO (much larger airport and usually cheaper flights) Its about 1.5 hours if you take the turnpike. I don't know if any shuttles or buses run there or not?
Plus, I'm sure that there will always be someone who wants to get back to civilization who would be willing to give you a lift up there/pick you up...for gas money and/or a stop at Schlotzky's....