Transition In Canada...


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Quick question for all you canadians, is there a transition altitude in canada? I over heard one time (I really dont remember when) that no transition altitude in canada exist and I also heard that one does exist and it's 18000 just like the states. So...Whats right?
FL180 is the transition level between Altimeter Setting Region and Standar Pressure Region[FL180 is not use for crusing]All flights in Class A airspace above 18.000 asl must use Standard Pressure Region procedures.
Okay...Well I know Europe is different unless I am just totally off and am acting pretty stupid-if which just tell me, I've heard over there it's 8000 (not to sure though)...I feel like this was a dumb question though...So I'll just stop.
Transition altitudes vary throughout Europe. They are always noted on Jeppesen charts for that reason. However, like here, controllers will clue you in. In Europe, you might get "descend level one one zero", then "descend level eight zero", then "descend three thousand Frankfurt QNH xxx". Typically transition altitudes are much lower in Europe.