Transition from flight school to ERAU


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Hey! I'd just like to know if it would be possible to start your flight training at a general flight school, then go into ERAU a still get flight training. Will they just start you where you left off? I would also like to know if you can transition from flight school to ERAU, is it a better option? Or would it be better to just start fresh as a flight student in ERAU. Please reply with any info! Thanx!

I think that they will continue your training... i don't see why not.

I am hoping to start flight training next year and get my PPL and get some flight hours and then go on to ERAU to continue training.

The only thing i'm trying to figure out is, can you rent a plane (wet) at ERAU with NO instructor?

Hey, does anyone know where i can get a catalog from ERAU?

Hope this helps

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I am about to get my PPL and I asked the people at ERAU the same thing and they said you have to take a test to make sure you meet their standards and once you pass that they merge you right into the program and begin with your instrument instruction.
If you go to ERAU with your PPL, Instrument, Commercial, Multi Engine, etc, they will accept it. You will be given credit for those classes. The classes that you must "test out" of are Aeronautics I (private), Aeronautics II (Instrument), etc. These classes are separate from the regular flight training, but cover the same material. The difference is that the Aeronautics classes are much more in depth than the ground labs associated with flight training. Very few people "test out" of these classes.