Transferring to Embry Riddle


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Hey I go to a State school in New York right now. My flying itch has come back for good and I want to transfer to Embry Riddle. I have to do another year at this school though. Does anyone know what classes I should take that make it easy to transfer my credits over to Riddle? Also is it possible to transfer to Riddle and go through the flight program without any major problems. Any replies would be helpful. Thanks
it depends on which classes you have. better yet why don't you call the school or go to their web page. if the administrator does not know nobody here will know. P.S I live in Brooklyn NYC Which State College do you go to.
Definately call the school records department and ask. Riddle is real bad at transferring credits from another school. Not to discourage you from coming here of course, just telling the truth.