transfer questions


We get a lot of transfer students. In fact we have satalite campuses all over the country. (AZ, WA, HI, AL, MN) These programs are specificly desinged for students to do there first to years of college at a commuity college, then transfer to UND. Also, like most state university's UND accepts transfer credit from most other state universities. I dont want to get to specific(what will transfer and what wont) because I dont want to give you bad information.

I would suggest you go to then click on "Prospective students" then click on "Students Services" form there you should be able to call or e-mail Ken Polovitz. Ken is a great guy and his mission is to help incoming, current, and former students. He will be able to answer all of your questions regarding transfers.

Good Luck

Definately do that, there are a lot of generals that you can do before going there. Spanish, the physics is not actually Aerospace Physics, it's just really general physics that you can find at any college. Then threre's teh english requirement along with the electives. By the way, where are you from, there is a place where they have transfer agreements on the site.