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I'm a CFI in Birmingham, and am looking for a decent backup nav/comm to have in my flight bag. I had a minor event tonight that really illustrated the need for one. Do any of you have any suggestions? I'm just looking for a no-frills, reliable and easy to use one that has both radio comms and a localizer/CDI function.
Scott Blair
I would go with an Icomm, and make sure that the buttons are big enough so keying in frequencies is easy even if it is getting bumpy!

Sporty's has one for $275 that seems pretty nice. It says "for a limited time only", but its been advertised like that more months and months...

I have the Icom A-22 nav/comm and have had to use the comm. function twice. I've been happy with it. As I recall it's kind of expensive (I bought it while I was still working full-time).

I got the Icom A-5. its just a com but it is awesome. long batt life, and very rugged i think.

check out

i researched these things a while back pretty good and they had the best prices on all the net.

I have the Sporty's model and have been very pleased with it. Had it for a year so far and just now changed the batteries for the first time (8 AA). I've had to use it once so far "for real" when the radio in the 152 I was flying went south.
A-22; bigger but cheaper than the A-23; the quality is outstanding; if you're really serious about get the headset adapter and the aircraft antenna connection.