Transatlantic Flights. - HELP!


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Dear Gentleman,
First of all, as a new member, i would like to congratulate you all for this forum, that has always very interesting subjects and is always very helpful.
Second, i would like to say i´m sorry, but my english isn´t that good yet (i´m working real hard on it), so if i make any mistake...
But i already have one question: Do you know how BizJets fly from south america to southern africa? I mean the planes that doesn´t fly more than 2500 NM.
I don´t know if i made my question that clear: Eventual corporate flights on a Lear 45XR wouldn´t be able to cross from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town, so what´s the best thing to do?
Is it possible to land in any south atlantic islands such as Ascension, Sta. Helena or Tristán da Cunha?
I know corporate flights from South America heading Europe fly from the brazilian northeast to western Africa, and then "it´s easy". But i was wondering about flights that are supposed to cross the South Atlantic ocean.
So, summarizing, do you know anyone that has already done such a flight??
I really aprecciate any help provided... Thanks